Real mussel shells, for holiday flair 365 days a year

Colorful or sea blue? Gold edge or silver edge? Fashion or fairy tale? Ring dish or soap dish? Simple or glittering? As a set or individual piece? No matter, the main thing is that you love it...

Decoration with shells ensures holiday feelings all year round. The sea symbolizes freedom and provides tons of inspiration and variety of colors. Ultimately, you also associate beautiful holiday memories with it - reasons enough to bring these associations home permanently!

Shell decoration: stylish design and timeless motifs for your home

With attention to detail and great passion for art, we create elaborate shell decorations for every season. As the basis for the shell decoration we designed, we use the halves of a scallop, the inside of which we hand-paint with a variety of motifs. Look forward to decoration straight from nature and discover extraordinary motifs. You can find shell decorations in a wide variety of variations:

  • small decorative shells as hangers
  • Jewelry bowls
  • Snack bowls
  • Duo bowls with two motifs

Choose shell decorations in your desired size

We offer many scallop options in different sizes. So you can choose small cocktail bowls, which are best arranged in a set, but you can also choose large bowls where the motifs surprise with their special richness of facets. When choosing motifs for our shell decorations, we are inspired by current trends, but we also choose typical natural motifs or use art objects.

Each shell impresses with its own details

The shell is a uniquely beautiful and diverse natural object. Our goal is to complement the uniqueness with stylish art and cleverly chosen designs. Every shell decoration is elaborately decorated by us. Sometimes we use white or colorful beads. By the way, we don't just offer our pendants, which are affordable as shell decorations, as decorations for the Christmas tree. They also impress as a stylish gift idea that attracts attention. You can buy our shell decorations individually or as a set. Let our ideas captivate you and easily order the right shell decoration for your home online now.