"If you can dream it, you can do it..."

Different furnishing themes: your style, your home

The world of interior design is as diverse as people themselves. Each of us has a unique style and taste that is reflected in the design of our homes. We try to offer you a wide range of topics to give you inspiration for designing your very own dream home. We would be very happy if you even started a unique collection of natural products with us!

Our 14 favorite styles that we prefer to furnish ourselves with:

1. Modern: minimalism and functionality

The modern interior design theme is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors and an emphasis on functionality. Less is more in this style, and furniture pieces are often space-saving and multifunctional.

2. Kitschy: Colorful and playful

Kitschy furnishings are anything but boring. It's all about bright colors, eye-catching patterns and a cheerful atmosphere. Think vintage elements and a touch of irony.

3. Romantic: Gentle and dreamy

Romantic interior themes give your home a delicate and dreamy atmosphere. Floral patterns, pastel colors and soft textures dominate here.

4. Industrial: Raw and urban

The industrial style brings the charm of old factory buildings into your home. Brick walls, metal accents and open spaces are characteristic of this look.

5. Trendy: Always in tune with the times

Trendy interior design themes are inspired by current fashion trends. This is all about trying out new ideas and design concepts to give your home a modern feel.

6. Vintage: Timeless elegance

Vintage furnishings pay homage to times gone by. Antiques, retro furniture and nostalgic accessories are the stars here.

7. Country House: Cozy and rustic

The country house theme brings the charm of rural areas into your four walls. Natural materials, warm colors and cozy furniture create an inviting atmosphere.

8. Shabby Chic: Elegance in imperfection

Shabby Chic combines vintage elements with a pinch of nostalgia and a touch of romance. Here, worn furniture and pastel-colored decorations are the main players.

9. Maritime: holiday mood all year round

Maritime furnishing themes are reminiscent of beach vacations and the sound of the sea. Blue and white color schemes and maritime decorations take center stage here.

10. Classic: Timeless elegance

The classic furnishing style is characterized by timeless elegance. Symmetrical arrangements, high-quality materials and a restrained color palette dominate here.

11. Oriental: Exotic elegance

Oriental furnishing themes take you into the fascinating world of the Middle East. Here you will find rich colors, luxurious carpets and lavish decorations.

12. Mediterranean: sun, sea and relaxation

Mediterranean furnishings give the feeling of a vacation in Tuscany. Warm colors, terracotta and rustic furniture are characteristic.

13. Bohemian: Creative and colorful

The bohemian interior is an expression of creativity and freedom. There are no rules here, just bright colors, patterns and personal treasures.

14. Loft: Urban chic

Loft interior themes are inspired by urban attic apartments. Open floor plans, rough finishes and modern art are at home here.

No matter what interior design style you prefer, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your home. Be inspired by these different themes and design your home according to your own taste. After all, it is your personal retreat and expression of your individuality.