Eggs, shells, jute & wood à la ART

Immerse yourself in our world of hand-decorated natural products and experience how your style becomes art. Each product is unique, lovingly decorated by hand and made with care from natural materials.

Find your personal masterpiece, as unique as you are.

Traveling with heart and soul

Natural keychains

Bist du bereit, deine Post auf ein ganz neues Level zu bringen?
Unsere XL Postkarten ( DIN A 5) auf schwerem Aquarellpapier sind der perfekte Weg, um deinen Lieben einfach mal ein paar Herzensgrüße zu senden – und das mit einer einzigartigen Prise Kunst!
Mit den wunderschönen Zeichnungen, sind diese Postkarten definitiv mehr als nur ein Stück Papier. Sie sind ein Statement, ein Ausdruck von Stil und Persönlichkeit.
Aber warte, es gibt mehr! Dank ihres hohen Papiergewichts kann diese XL Postkarte auch als Miniposter verwendet werden. Das bedeutet, dass du nicht nur eine persönliche Nachricht verschicken kannst, sondern auch gleichzeitig eine künstlerische Note in jeden Raum bringen kannst. Win-win, oder?

Viel Wirkung für wenig Platz!

Alle unsere Muscheln kannst Du auch als Wandbild verwenden. Dabei kannst Du wählen zwischen sichtbaren Satinband, oder verdeckten Haken, welcher hinten an der Muschel von mir angebracht wird.
So kannst Du Nieschen, schmale Wandstücke, oder ein kleines Gäste WC einzigartig machen.

Our natural products in size comparison

Enchant your sparkling gifts

Typo? No pun, because we think even a delicious drop can use a pinch of fashion, Chin Chin, Chanel!
Our jute bottle bag is more than just packaging. It is part of the gift itself and can be used even after unpacking. Sustainability has never been so glamorous!
We are of the opinion:

Wood belongs in every hut!

Of course (literally) also in your home.
With the perfect size of 15x15cm, this unique piece made of birch wood fits in every favorite place. Until December 31, 2024 at the launch price of 29.90 euros. After that from 39.90 euros, available* in gold, silver & copper and many other motifs!

*while stocks last

From large eggs...

... we create small works of art that are guaranteed to take your passion for decoration to a new level. Because our egg art is: affordable, flexible, functional, sustainable, individual and, above all, all year round!

Fabergé has shown the way: It's a shame to only decorate and give away this miracle of nature at Easter. Especially since it is considered a symbol of strength, life and happiness.

We think: nature shapes the most beautiful things and therefore we also “artificate” other natural products, such as scallops, oysters, wood and jute.

For the love of order: Large shells for small things

Paper clips or vitamin capsules? Nuts or olives? Earrings or necklaces? Bath bomb or hand cream? Bedtime treats or coffee pastries? Coffee capsules or tea bags? Salt or sugar? No matter, the main thing is that you love it...

The perfect combination of sustainable and environmentally friendly storage and individuality.
Let's hang

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Our shell pendant is as versatile as your imagination. Use it as a gift tag to add a touch of magic to your presents. Hang it on wine bottles to celebrate special occasions or on candlesticks to create a romantic ambience. It can even be used as a doorknob pendant to add a touch of fairytale magic to any room.

Egg light equals a ray of hope?

This equation actually works. The upper part of this design object is a real ostrich egg. The egg can be easily attached to the lower part thanks to a soft plastic clip. The lamp base is kept simple, but has something special - a concrete insert ensures a very firm stand. Every Egg Light from our collection arrives safely and securely at your doorstep.

Service from us: an economical LED light source is included free of charge with your light order.

Just look over my shoulder...

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Customer testimonials

That's what enthusiastic fans say

Kai J. from Spiesen-Elversberg

They are incredibly great eggs, absolute art. An egg-light in every apartment! Thank you for our special egg!

Michele S. from Olsberg

The egg “Egg like Coco & pink” ostrich egg that I ordered from you last week has just arrived. I love it! It is so incredibly beautiful and it goes perfectly with dear Debora's wreath. I'm afraid I'll definitely order something from Ei-nzigartig again, you have really nice products and the idea of ​​creating something like that from eggs and shells is just amazing. I wish you continued success and many customers who are as enthusiastic as I am!

Sabine S. from Dillingen

Egg-unique - from HER hands, directly to the bottom of MY heart!
Wonderful works of art that I immediately fell in love with. It was impossible for me to decide. The advice can't be beat and when I had my special requests, Ms. Kramer simply pulled out her magic wand with a smile. Thank you for everything!

Kerstin W. from Frankfurt

We did something bad with the lamp:
After unpacking there was only silence for about 3 minutes and then my girlfriend's eyes moistened and she was just bubbling with joy.

For the rest of the evening she stood in front of her and all the motifs were inspected. The holes in the egg make everything sparkle.
I would like to thank you very much again. They create joy!

Bosiljka M. from Neu-Isenburg

They turned out beautifully, better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much...great work!!!!

Manga cookbook

Such beautiful handmade products! I had an ostrich egg lamp designed by Ei-nzigartig with my own artwork. It was so beautifully implemented! The lamp came with a very solid stand so that it cannot tip over so quickly. An LED bulb was also included in the package. No unnecessary plastic or plastic and therefore super sustainable! I am absolutely in love! Thank you for this wonderfully individual handmade product! Shipping was very quick and everything was well packaged.

Petra T. from Mannheim

Beautiful ostrich eggs and great service! Large selection of lovingly decorated ostrich eggs, very friendly advice and fast shipping... you rarely find that. Thank you very much!

Ute L. from Neu-Isenburg

This personal work touched the hearts of the entire family. Incredibly beautiful.

Heike T. from Neu-Isenburg

... turned out beautifully.
Thank you, Ms. Kramer.

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