About Us

🥚Designed for living and loving🤍
Trendy decoration with eggs and shells
& gifts with a wow effect! 🎁

The team:

We're actually just a small team of two - and
namely my husband Frank and I, Michelle Kramer. We are lucky that our professional backgrounds are perfect for such a joint project: I bring creativity and online affinity, my husband is the sales person and strategist. To this day, this means that we do everything on our own. But as the saying goes: “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work again…” Egg like!

The beginning:

In 2016 I came up with the ostrich egg - although... actually the ostrich egg came about me. I was helping out at my parents' trade fair stand and was approached by a funky-looking lady with red hair. She told me that she is looking for cabochons for her ostrich egg objects. Unfortunately I couldn't help you, but my interest was piqued. As luck would have it, she had a small exhibition of her works at the neighboring trade fair stand. Unsuspecting, I looked around the corner and what can I say, I was enchanted! In the hours after this encounter, “Ei-nzigartig” was born – on February 14, 2016.
By the way, the lady in question is Enka Schwabe and I still admire her works of art to this day - even if they only have the ostrich egg as a basis in common with my egg works. Of course, as an artist you have to go your own way; only then can you continue to develop new ideas with passion.

The passion:
When I took the first ostrich egg out of the packaging and held it in my hands, it was like the first time I saw it at the fair. To this day I love touching and decorating natural eggs; they exude a very special magic. This original form of nature calms me, strengthens me and challenges me to new creative thoughts every day.