What exactly does your factory produce?

Our factory creates unique works of art by designing shells from natural products such as ostrich eggs , scallops , or jute bags with artistic decorations. Our designs are inspired by fashion icons such as Frida Kahlo , Iris Apfel , Chanel , Gucci and more.

How did the idea to design these products come about?

As a trained fashion designer, my passion was to combine fashion and art. The natural shapes and textures of ostrich eggs, scallops and jute bags provide a unique canvas to express my creativity and create works of art that embody fashion themes and style.

What themes and inspirations flow into your designs?

Our designs are diverse and range from icons like Frida Kahlo and Iris Apfel to renowned fashion brands like Chanel and Gucci . We draw inspiration from fashion history, art and style to create unique works of art that convey timeless elegance and expression.

Are the products decorated by hand?

Absolutely! Each individual product is decorated by hand to ensure that the details and designs are showcased perfectly. I use my craftsmanship to make each piece of art unique and artistic.

Are the artworks limited or made to order?

Some of our artworks are limited to maintain their exclusivity. However, we also offer the option to make custom orders based on our themes and designs to ensure that each piece of art meets your personal expectations.

Can I also contribute my own design ideas?

Gladly! We welcome creative ideas and individual requests. If you have a specific vision, we can work together to create a unique piece of art that embodies your vision.

What materials and techniques are used for the decorations?

We use a variety of materials and techniques which may vary depending on the design. This includes high-quality colors, embellishments, gemstones and more. We adapt our techniques to best highlight the details and characteristics of each subject.

What products does your factory offer besides the decorated bowls?

In addition to the decorated bowls , we also offer individually designed jute bags that are similarly ornately decorated. These bags are an eco-friendly way to carry art and style in everyday life.

Who are your main customers?

Our artwork appeals to art lovers, fashion enthusiasts and people looking for unique decorative pieces. Our customers value art, style and individuality.

How can I order or get more information?

You can simply visit our website to explore our collections and place orders. For individual inquiries or further information, you can also contact us by email or telephone. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you with your creative ideas.