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Rabbit or angel? Glitter or gold? Oyster or scallop? For champagne bottles or serving? Give away or keep? No matter, the main thing is that you love it...

Warm-hearted moments meet memories of carefree days by the sea - is there a better combination? As we all know, homemade gifts are the best, but what do you do when you have two left hands? Then the best thing to do is to give away our handmade products! Guaranteed to be made with a lot of love - because only what is made with heart can touch hearts!

Unique variety: keychains with fascinating motifs

Keychains are not only practical accessories, but also an expression of personality. With a wide range of motifs ranging from zodiac signs to fashion illustrations to fairytale animal motifs, these little companions offer the opportunity to subtly express style and individuality. In this article we discover the fascinating world of key rings with their diverse motifs.

Zodiac signs: A cosmic connection

Zodiac keychains are a popular choice for those who have a deep connection to astrology. Each zodiac sign has its own distinctive characteristics and characteristics. By choosing a keychain with your zodiac sign, you can not only show off your style, but also create a cosmic connection to the stars.

Fashion illustrations: elegance to take with you

Keychains with fashion illustrations are a way to integrate your love of fashion into everyday life. These designs capture the elegance and creativity of the fashion world on a miniature surface. From iconic fashion figures to stylish clothing items, these keychains bring a touch of glamor to everyday life.

Icons: Inspiration from History

Icon keychains pay homage to well-known figures from history. Whether they are artists, writers, musicians or political figures, these pendants can serve as a reminder of admirable people while also acting as a conversation piece. They bring inspiration and history into everyday life.

Fairytale animal motifs: magical companions

Fairytale animal motifs on key chains can inspire the imagination. From unicorns to dragons to mythical creatures, these motifs embody the magic of the fairy tale world. They remind us that a little spark of imagination can bring joy and wonder to everyday life.

Whether as a personal accessory, a gift for a loved one or as a collector's item, keychains with a variety of motifs offer a way to present your own personality and interests in a stylish way. The rich selection of motifs allows everyone to express their unique style and taste while integrating a little touch of art and creativity into everyday life.