our unique ABC

unser einzigartiges ABC


Oysters: Oyster shells , artfully decorated, become unique decorative pieces. The raw beauty of the sea is celebrated by hand.

Artwork: Our works of art made from natural materials are an expression of creativity and craftsmanship. Each piece tells its own story.


Organic: The use of sustainable, natural materials is a matter of course for us. Our art objects are environmentally friendly and a statement for organic design.

Enchanting: Our handmade art objects enchant with their uniqueness and beauty. Every piece is a little miracle.


Charms: Charms dangle from our X-Mas jute shoppers to give you an individual flair.

Christmas tree: Our Christmas tree decorations made from shells and other natural elements bring a touch of nature to the festive season.


Decoration: Our handmade decorative pieces give every room a special atmosphere. Close to nature and unique.

Drosselbart-Design : Our collaboration with Drosselbart-Design leads to many dream team combinations, which you can find at Shop the Loo k, among others.


Emu Egg: The size and beauty of emu eggs inspires our art pieces. Each piece is a work of art of nature.

Unique : The name says it all for us! The idea came about on February 14, 2016 and initially started with just ostrich eggs . Read more in the blog post: This is how it all started.


Feathers: Feathers from different species of birds decorate our works of art. Real feathers are applied to the natural products after hours of precision work. The special technology leaves the natural feel of each individual feather and shimmers beautifully in the sunlight.

Fashion: Our art objects are inspired by fashion and design. Why? This is the original training of our founder Michelle Kramer . With her background as a certified fashion designer, she designs all of our looks.


Glittery: Our favorite color is glitter! Of course, there are also a lot of products without glam.

Goose eggs: Our Easter eggs are made from goose eggs because they are a little larger than chicken eggs and we have more space for our motifs.

Year-round decoration: Fabergé has shown the way: It's a shame to only decorate and give away this miracle of nature at Easter. Especially since it is considered a symbol of strength, life and happiness.


Handmade: Our art objects are made by hand with attention to detail. Craftsmanship precision and dedication are in every piece.

High quality: Quality is our top priority. Our artworks are made with care and from the best materials.


Individual: Each of our natural products can be designed according to your wishes. We create custom art that reflects your personality.

Interior: The simple, elegant shape of eggs gives them a timeless elegance. They easily match different interior styles and can be used in both modern and traditional spaces.


Jute: As a sustainable natural material, jute plays an important role in our bag collection . We draw on them like on a canvas. Either directly on the bag, or with different techniques, like a collage.

Scallops: The delicate and shapely scallops are the inspiration for some of our unique artwork. They can be used as a jewelry bowl , wall picture, gift tag , snack bowl , storage for small items, key rings , earrings and of course also as Christmas tree decorations or for decoration on the Easter branch.


Art: We turn large eggs into small works of art that are guaranteed to take your passion for decoration to a new level. Because our egg art is: affordable, flexible, functional, sustainable, individual
& above all all year round!

Creative: We create art objects that push the boundaries of creativity. The use of natural materials enables a wide range of creative possibilities.


Durable: Our artwork is designed to be long-lasting. They are made with high craftsmanship and quality materials to give you long-lasting enjoyment.

Loving: There is love and dedication behind each of our works of art. We attach great importance to careful design and manufacturing.

Lifestyle: Our art objects are more than decoration. They are an expression of your lifestyle, your values ​​and your love for nature.

Lamp: Ostrich egg lamps are unique works of light art. They are made from real ostrich eggs, which are artfully designed and used as lampshades. These exclusive lighting elements give every room a warm, atmospheric atmosphere and can be combined in a variety of ways with different furnishing styles. The structure of the ostrich eggshell provides a soft, diffuse light that immerses rooms in a magical ambience. These handmade lamps are an eye-catcher and an art object at the same time, perfect for a unique living ambience.


Fashion: Our art objects are inspired by fashion. No matter whether Coco , Karl, or Wintour, we love everything that has to do with the "Haute Volaute" of the fashion industry, which is of course reflected in our works.

Seashell Shells: Seashells are one of the main components of our artwork. Their organic beauty and diversity are celebrated in our properties.


Sustainable: We focus on sustainability by using natural materials and promoting environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Natural product: We think: nature forms the most beautiful things and therefore “artisticize” natural products such as eggs, scallops, oysters and jute.

Nanduei: Exotic rhea eggs become artistic decorations and create a connection to the fascinating world of wildlife.


Easter: Our eggs are perfect for Easter decoration . They bring the magic and joy of Easter into your home.

Easter Egg: Ornately decorated Easter eggs are a traditional symbol of life and fertility that we embellish with unique patterns and designs.


Personalized: Many of our artworks can be designed according to your individual wishes. We create personal art that highlights your personality.


Quality: Quality is of the utmost importance to us. We use premium materials and precision craftsmanship to create works of art of the highest quality.


Romantic: Some of our artworks exude a romantic atmosphere. The use of natural materials and soft colors gives them a romantic charm.

Rustic: A rustic style characterizes many of our art objects. The natural beauty of the materials is emphasized by the rustic design.


Ostrich egg: In 2016 I came up with the ostrich egg - although... actually the ostrich egg came about me. I was helping out at my parents' trade fair stand and was approached by a funky-looking lady with red hair. She told me that she is looking for cabochons for her ostrich egg objects. Unfortunately I couldn't help you, but my interest was piqued. As luck would have it, she had a small exhibition of her works at the neighboring trade fair stand. Unsuspecting, I looked around the corner and what can I say, I was enchanted!

In the hours after this encounter, “ Ei-nzigartig ” was born – on February 14, 2016.


Table decoration: Our art objects are perfect as table decorations. They give every meal a special touch and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Table lamp: The combination of natural materials and lighting creates fascinating table lamps that bring atmosphere and beauty to any room.


Eco-Friendly: Our artwork is eco-friendly because we use sustainable materials and promote environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.

Unique: Each of our works of art is unique. Handcrafted and individually designed to highlight your uniqueness.


Vintage: The vintage style is of course also possible on our natural products: motifs of nostalgic angels, or white glazed oysters, to name just two ideas.

Versatile: Our art objects can be used in many different ways. They suit different interior styles and occasions, from modern to classic.


Living: Our art objects help to beautify your living space. They create a harmonious atmosphere and bring nature into your home.

Christmas: Our artwork is perfect for Christmas decoration . They give your home a festive shine and conjure up a festive atmosphere.

Quail Egg: We like to play with different shells. For example, we applied quail egg shells to an ostrich egg, creating a unique decorative object.


x-any: Our art objects are anything but x-arbitrary. They are unique and individually designed to reflect your personality. We are always open to special requests or personal creations. Simply contact us without obligation via WhatsApp: 015117609261, or by email: info@ei-nzigartig.com


Yorkshire Terrier: What does this have to do with our natural products? You can already see that in our feature image! We love the animal world and its diversity, which is why we like to conjure up animal figures on our egg works.


Home: Why should you decorate your home with eggs? Because they have the most pleasing shape for the human eye! Would you have thought that?

Magical: To this day I love touching and decorating natural eggs; they exude a very special magic. This original form of nature calms me, strengthens me and challenges me to new creative thoughts every day.

Timeless: The timeless beauty of our art objects makes them long-lasting treasures that will last in any interior.


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