Frida, the charismatic art object

Colorful or gold? Delicate or bright? Decorative egg or ostrich egg lamp? Autumn or spring? Glitter or pearls? Simple or trendy? No matter, the main thing is that you love it...

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Frida Kahlo: A Look at the Life and Legacy of the Iconic Artist

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has conquered not only the art world but also the hearts of millions of people around the world. Her unique style, her moving life story and her powerful works have made her a timeless icon. In this article, we take a closer look at the life and legacy of Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo: A creative soul

Born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico City, Frida Kahlo faced health challenges at an early age. A serious accident at the age of 18 changed her life forever. During her long recovery she began painting and this became the basis of her unique artistic expression.

Unique style and influences

Kahlo's artworks are characterized by her distinctive style, which combines surrealist elements, vibrant colors and intense symbolism. She often painted self-portraits that reflected her physical pain, emotions and personal experiences. Her images are often inspired by Mexican folklore, pre-Columbian art and nature.

Life and suffering

Kahlo's life was marked by personal struggles and pain. In addition to the physical consequences of her accident, she also suffered from serious health problems. These personal torments flowed into her art and gave her works a deep emotionality. She used the screen to express her innermost thoughts and feelings.

Feminism and empowerment

Frida Kahlo was not only an artist, but also a pioneer for women's rights. She broke with social norms and advocated for gender equality. Many of her works address feminist ideas and express the strength and fighting spirit of women.

Frida Kahlo's legacy

Despite her early death in 1954, Frida Kahlo left behind a significant artistic legacy. Her works have inspired and influenced generations of artists and viewers. Their influence extends far beyond the art world and can be seen in fashion, pop culture and social movements.

Overall, Frida Kahlo remains an unforgettable personality who changed the world of art forever. Her unique combination of creative genius, emotional depth and fighting spirit makes her a living inspiration for people of all ages and backgrounds. Her legacy will undoubtedly continue to touch the hearts and minds of people around the world.

Frida Kahlo decoration: natural materials and art perfectly combined

Frida Kahlo has made a name for herself worldwide with her extraordinary works of art. The Mexican-born painter became one of the most important representatives of popular surrealism throughout her life. Her works always surprised people with a special form of New Objectivity. The combination of these two directions was considered extraordinary from an early age and at the same time ensured that Frida Kahlo's works were clearly superior to other naive art. We were also inspired by the artist and her extraordinary works. This is how our collection with breathtaking Frida Kahlo decorations was created.

Frida Kahlo decoration for every season

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