Easter egg decoration: Hand-painted eggs for a special ambience

If you're tired of decorating your Easter bouquet with plastic or wooden eggs that always look the same, we have the solution for you! Our Easter eggs are the right choice for anyone who has an eye for unique art.You can buy hand-painted Easter egg decorations from us . Each egg is unique and impresses with its wealth of details. We offer you our Easter egg decorations individually or in smaller sets. If you are looking for a special eye-catcher for the window, our ostrich eggs are ideal. You can order our goose eggs with suspension in a practical set. They are larger than the classic chicken eggs and are all modern, creative and lovingly designed.

With us you will find special rarities

But if you are looking for Easter egg decorations that are something very special, you can rely on us! In our online shop you will find a selection of elaborately designed rhea eggs , some of which we even offer with exquisite feather decorations. Our rhea eggs are not just for fashion freaks, but also make a wonderful gift idea. By the way, our Easter egg decorations are not seasonal. The motifs are timeless, so you can cleverly showcase the hand-painted empty eggs all year round.

Choose your piece of lightness

When designing our Easter egg decorations, we are of course always influenced by current trends, but we also go our own way. Our painted eggs play with colors and patterns. Sometimes they are unconventional, other times they surprise with absolute elegance. We are all too happy to show that we don't stick to general rules when it comes to color combinations or pattern selection, but rather choose the variants that we like. Our Easter egg decorations are delivered to you in a practical collection box.