For the love of order: Large shells for small things

Paper clips or vitamin capsules? Nuts or olives? Earrings or necklaces? Bath bomb or hand cream? Bedtime treats or coffee pastries? Coffee capsules or tea bags? Salt or sugar? No matter, the main thing is that you love it...

The perfect combination of sustainable and environmentally friendly storage and individuality.

Hand-painted jewelry bowl: the little work of art for your household

If we're honest, it's not that easy to find a decorative bowl that's a little out of line and doesn't have much in common with traditional ceramic or porcelain bowls. If you are looking for something special for your jewelry, but at the same time so elaborately designed that it can inspire as a highlight in itself, you have come to the right place. We have created an elaborately designed jewelry bowl for you, which is hand-painted by us and impresses as a purely natural product. Look forward to:

  • a sustainable and environmentally friendly storage option.
  • creative and stylish designs that combine nature and art.
  • excellent workmanship quality.
  • an imaginative reworking.

We make every scallop something special

We use the shell of a scallop as the basis for our jewelry bowl. This is prepared by us in Hesse and finally artfully designed by hand. Since our jewelry bowl is a purely natural product, there may of course be deviations in size. You can use our jewelry bowl for more than just storing necklaces and rings. The bowls are also ideal for other items such as medication, office utensils or coffee capsules.

We bring fashionable designs into your everyday life

We have made it our mission to bring art into your everyday life. For this reason , we rely on great designs for you that are creative, detailed and innovative at the same time. When it comes to offering our jewelry bowls, we continue to surprise you with new designs that could hardly be more diverse. For example, you can also use our jewelry bowl as a serving bowl to serve small snacks. To ensure that our bowls last a long time and the design is not affected, you should avoid cleaning them in the dishwasher. Take a look around our current collection now and find your jewelry bowl in your favorite design.