Ostrich eggs, natural decorative objects

Country house or industrial? Eye-catcher or egg-catcher? Maritime or retro? Artful or natural? Timeless or changeable? Scandi or Shabby? No matter, the main thing is that you love it...

First and foremost, we don't decorate our homes to impress others, but rather to create a feel-good atmosphere for ourselves. From the living room, where we receive guests, to the bathroom, to the private bedroom, every room in your home should have cozy accents and reflect your personal style. Ostrich eggs are particularly suitable for this, as our eyes find the egg shape particularly pleasant.

Ostrich egg: painted by hand in Hesse

Due to its size, the ostrich egg offers the ideal basis for small works of art. Once emptied, it can be painted and decorated like a chicken egg with a variety of colors. A beautifully designed ostrich egg is certainly an eye-catcher not only at Easter, but also becomes an absolute eye-catcher in your home all year round. Take a look around our extensive range now and discover ostrich egg decorations that will beautify your home in a stylish and extravagant way.

Always good for a surprise

You can rely on one thing from us: our ostrich egg decorations are always different, extraordinary and yet simply elegant. Each emptied ostrich egg is hand-painted and refined with selected decorative elements. We not only offer you painted ostrich egg decorations, but also eggs that have a rust finish and a very special style. If you want something a little more elegant, our pearl-studded eggs are just the right choice. The refinement gives the eggs an extraordinary surface effect and stands out clearly from their surroundings.

With suspension or practical stand

To ensure that your ostrich egg decoration is shown to its best advantage, you can get it from us either with a practical hanger or with a small stand. This means you can display them stylishly in the showcase or on your dresser. If you choose a model with a hanger, the hand-painted ostrich egg can also be used as a decoration for the window. We are constantly expanding our range of ostrich eggs so that you can always look forward to new highlights. Discover our offer now!