Coco, the fashion-conscious home accessory

Chanel or Prada? In or out? Decorative egg or ostrich egg lamp? On or Off? Glam or glaze? Black or trendy color? No matter, the main thing is that you love it...

Choose your styling for your apartment, like your favorite outfit! Because your home should be as trendy as you are. The unconventional Coco designs want to underline your look and give your four walls expression and personality.

If you like it more exclusive and want a little more luxurious living, Coco is the perfect choice. The premium and deluxe version - whether as an ostrich egg, as a lamp or as a mussel shell. This is where your label love comes together with sustainable and high-quality design. Maybe this motif is also a wonderful gift for a Chanel fan or a fashionista.

Coco: The modern ostrich egg - your fashion-conscious home accessory

Say hello to Coco, the modern ostrich egg that brings a whole new level of elegance and fashion to the world of home accessories.

A touch of luxury:

Coco is not just an ordinary decorative piece, but a real luxury statement. Inspired by the timeless elegance of Coco Chanel, the ostrich egg brings a piece of Parisian chic to your home.

Fashion forward design:

Our Coco ostrich eggs are inspired by the world of fashion. Every detail, every line and every brushstroke on the eggshell is designed with the sense of design and style that Coco Chanel embodies.

Perfect for any room:

Coco fits perfectly into every corner of your home. Whether in the living room, bedroom or in your personal dressing room - Coco immediately becomes an eye-catcher.

Handcrafted splendor:

Our ostrich eggs are handcrafted masterpieces. The careful handwork and attention to detail make each egg a unique work of art.

Show your fashion taste:

Coco is not just a home accessory, but a statement. It shows that you value style and elegance, just like Coco Chanel.

A timeless gift:

Surprise your fashion-loving friends and family with Coco. It's the perfect gift for any occasion.

Coco, the modern ostrich egg, is more than just a decorative piece. It is a statement, a homage to timeless elegance and fashion consciousness. Make a statement in your home - get Coco today!