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Goose eggs for Easter: tradition meets craftsmanship and fashion

Easter, the festival of rebirth and new beginnings, brings with it many beautiful traditions. One of them is painting and decorating eggs. We want to make your Easter unique: to transform your Easter branches into a fashionable catwalk, we supply our Easter decorations with a practical hanging device. This means you can easily place and admire the bunny girls. It has never been so easy to transform Easter branches into stylish eye-catchers!

Easter eggs: Artfully designed by hand for a special eye-catcher

If you have previously believed that painted eggs can only be used as decoration at Easter, we would like to prove you wrong! With artistic motifs and creative designs, we ensure that your Easter eggs become an eye-catcher in your home all year round. Be inspired by our creative designs and easily order your elaborately hand-painted eggs online now. So that our designs can develop optimally and we have enough space for special details, we use goose, ostrich or rhea eggs.

We make Easter eggs a decorative highlight all year round

All Easter eggs we offer are hand-painted. So every egg is a little unique that deserves a special place in your four walls. Our eggs are artfully designed, but still functional and affordable. Plus, with our Easter eggs you get a sustainable decoration idea for your home. By the way, we consciously decided against typical Easter motifs and instead rely on the use of modern, timeless designs, which allow the eggs to delight as a decorative element all year round.

Our basis for hand-painted Easter eggs

Most often, emptied chicken eggs are painted as Easter eggs. But they have one disadvantage: They are quite small and therefore offer comparatively little scope for working out details. We have therefore decided on various alternatives. As hand-painted Easter eggs, we not only offer a selection of goose eggs, but also use rhea and ostrich eggs. They are significantly larger and can therefore be designed in a particularly diverse way. You can order your Easter eggs from us individually or directly as a set. We always offer you the goose eggs as a design collection in a practical set of 5. By the way, all Easter eggs are delivered to you with a hanger.